cITy Kiosk

Nowadays, communication and information must be fast, clear, effective and up-to-date. The cITy Kiosk will allow citizens, visitors and employees to access information in real time. The cITy Kiosk will adapt to the needs of the services offered: identification via electronic identity card or SIS, document printing, encoding using keyboard/trackball,... Its architecture allows different modes of use and accessibility (standing, sitting, with table, access for people with reduced mobility, etc.)

The cITy Kiosk contains an impressive amount of information. This bollard is surprisingly adaptable for all types of use and position.

Enjoy the advantage of a terminal with multiple utilities and a sleek design!

Would you like to know more about it? Visit our dedicated website: See&Touch

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of your connected table in a few clicks
of your connected table in a few clicks